Mariana Avilez



Hello! My name is Mariana. I'm a graphic designer and freelance illustrator based in Sonora, Mexico. I love to read and draw, and I have a passion for character illustration.


If you'd like to reach me, feel free to send an email to
[email protected]


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  • Email me to [email protected] with the details of your commission (including visual references and Paypal email).

  • All prices are in USD.

  • I accept full payment upfront via Paypal invoice (please do not send payment to the above address). If you are from Mexico, you may pay the equivalent in pesos via oxxo/bank deposit/etc.

  • Commissions are for personal use. For commercial work there will be different rates.

  • All commissions will have transparent or simple background with no extra charge. Complex backgorunds have a base price of $10 and may vary based on complexity.

  • Props and accessories will also have an extra cost based on complexity. (This includes small animals/pets. Big animals will count as an extra character.)

Feel free to ask me any questions. Thank you!


I'm also doing small ko-fi sketches for people who donate over $3. Just leave a character with your message! Below are some samples.